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Magnesium plays many roles in health maintenance, as it activates over 300 different enzymes that are essential to many functions of the body, including protein synthesis, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation.* It is essential for energy production and the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates, and amino acids.* Magnesium supports healthy teeth, promotes calcium absorption, and contributes to the structural development of bone.* Magnesium is involved in the active transport of calcium and potassium ions across cell membranes, a process that is critical to nerve impulse conduction, muscle contraction, and normal heart rhythm.* It also helps to maintain normal mood and emotional well-being premenstrually.* Vital Nutrients offers multiple Magnesium forms including Magnesium Triple Complex, Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Citrate, and Magnesium Oxide and more. 
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