Our Purpose - Lasting health & happiness for people and planet

Our purpose

A shared vision is not only part of the Vital Nutrients origin story, it’s also what drives us forward into the future.

While we recognize there will always be ways to grow and improve, we are committed to doing our best and beyond with this simple purpose in mind:

Lasting health & happiness for people and planet.

Vital Values


Quality - Going above and Beyond


Vital Nutrients’ quality assurance program far exceeds both regulatory and industry standards. Each batch of every product is tested for purity and potency by accredited independent laboratories using scientifically valid test methods. Expiration dates are validated by a real time stability protocol with multiple test points. Vital Nutrients is regularly inspected by the FDA and is an active member of the Natural Products Association (NPA).


Efficacy - Products that Actually Work


Vital Nutrients understands that a healthcare practitioner’s success and credibility depend on the clinical effectiveness of their treatment program. For a practitioner using nutritional supplements as part of the treatment protocol, clinical success with patients depends on the quality, purity and consistency of the products prescribed. Vital Nutrients’ quality assurance program ensures that each of these parameters is met in every bottle.


Research - Dig Deeper & Keep Digging


Vital Nutrients products are formulated by a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. Our team utilizes peer-reviewed research to develop evidence-based products at therapeutic doses. Materials are carefully chosen to ensure the most bioavailable and bioactive ingredients are utilized to provide the utmost physiological benefit.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Now more than ever, the health of our planet must be a top priority

Sustainably-sourced ingredients

Continued refinement of manufacturing process

Lowering carbon emissions and waste footprint

Supporting and investing in our local communities