NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 600mg

NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) 600mg

Antioxidant support*


Supports healthy mucosal lining in sinus and respiratory systems*

Provides immune system support*

Maintains healthy liver function*

Premium Vegan Formulation

Free of gluten, dairy, peanut, tree nut, soy and egg. Free of artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, excipients (fillers, coatings, binders), sugar and non-GMO

100 Count
200 Count
Vital Nutrients - NAC (N-ACETYL CYSTEINE) 600MG
Product Description
N-Acetyl Cysteine maintains the proper functioning of the lungs and supports the immune system and liver function.* NAC is also a powerful antioxidant.* It maintains and supports normal physiologic levels of mucus in the sinus and respiratory system of healthy individuals.* NAC increases levels of glutathione in the body and maintains healthy lung and liver function.*
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Suggested Use

1 or 2 capsules 1-2 times daily with food

Or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAC?

NAC is the supplemental form of the semi-essential amino acid, cysteine. It is semi-essential since your body can make it from two amino acids: methionine and serine. However, when methionine and serine are low, you need to consume cysteine to replenish the nutrient.*

How does your body use NAC?

Your immune system, brain, lungs, and heart all need NAC for optimal performance.* NAC also helps support a healthy inflammatory response and even offers seasonal immune support.*

How does it relate to glutathione?

Glutathione is often called the master antioxidant since it’s found in nearly every cell and is important in the production of energy and cell function.* NAC helps boost production of glutathione.*

Who should take NAC?

You may be interested in taking NAC if you’re interested in supporting healthy fertility, liver and lung function, and sugar support.* People with seasonal respiratory changes might also consider supplementing with NAC.* Talk to your healthcare practitioner if you’re considering adding any supplements to your daily regimen.

How should you take NAC?

Take NAC one to two times daily with meals. Most benefits are achieved after several months.*

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