Internet Reselling Policy

Vital Nutrients (VN) provides high- quality products and support to licensed healthcare professionals. To uphold our commitment to qualified healthcare professionals, VN has adopted an internet policy requiring that all customers reselling VN brand products online sell them at or above the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), as dictated by VN’s current retail price sheet. This internet policy applies to all customers, new and existing, who purchase direct and/or through distribution. This policy also applies to any advertised price of any Vital Nutrients product in any and all media, including, but not limited to the any type of website or online storefront, catalogs, any direct mail, coupons, emails, or inserts. This policy prohibits the inclusion of VN in any sort of discount, volume discount, promotion, sale, special offer, rewards program, etc. that causes the unit price to be advertised and/or sold at less than the MSRP. Any online sale in which a VN product checks out at below the MSRP is a direct violation of the VN Internet Policy.

Healthcare professionals who operate password- protected websites and webstores exclusively for their direct patients may offer VN products at below MSRP only if the discounted price is not visible to any customer that is not logged in with the appropriate password. Additionally, the password cannot be made available online, via a broadcast email, or through any other means by which the password is shared beyond the practitioner’s direct patients.

Vital Nutrients does not sanction the sale of our products through third-party websites. Vital Nutrients products sold through such sites are subject to this internet policy and are void of any corporate obligations, warranties, or guarantees.

Customers who violate VN’s internet policy will be notified by a representative of Vital Nutrients and are expected to come into compliance immediately. VN reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account(s) and halt all sales of our products, direct and/or through distribution, of any rReseller that owns, operates, participates, or is affiliated with a website or online merchant that violates our policy.

Internet resellers that ship to California are subject to Proposition 65 requirements, which mandate that a warning is included with shipments containing affected products. If you ship to California, please contact Customer Care at (888) 328-9992 or to request a California reseller packet.